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Another release

I just released a new version (1.1.5) with these new features:

  • a new bot selection system which is hopefully less cumbersome to find the desired strategy
  • added “author”, “description” and “types” to bots
  • some minor tweaks (like Mining Village is played a little later, Curses will not be discarded to Militia if we have a trasher in hand,…)
  • added two new buy conditions:
  1. “#buys/gains needed to end game” which is the same as in rspeer’s simulator. Careful, this will slow down your bot considerably. I might try to optimize it in the future.
  2. “still in action phase” to aid with cards like Remodel, Ironworks and Workshop, etc

You should get the upgrade automatically when you start up the simulator. If you’re not sure click the “Launch” page.

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