When played:

  • First check if there’s a Menagerie in hand and ask the Menagerie card which cards to discard. Then try to discard them all (first for +Action, then for +Buy)
  • Then, check if there are more actions needed depending on what’s in the hand. It will count all the Terminal actions and the Villages and if more actions are needed to play the Terminals, it will discard the worst card in hand for an extra action
  • Then, we check if we have a card in hand that draws multiple cards. If we have only one action left we might not be able to play the newly drawn cards, so we discard the worst card to get an extra action
  • Then, we check for a Library or Watchtower in hand. If we have that card we’re going to discard as much as possible (Gold or better will not be discarded)
  • Then, if we have no other actions in hand we will discard a card for extra buy if this doesn’t reduce that turn’s buying potential and if we only have 1 buy
  • And finally we’re going to discard any useless cards (Estate, Province, Curse,…) first for extra action, then for extra buy
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