Lots of coding here, so might contain bugs

Will only be played:

  • if player has suitable card to Salvage

When played:

  • a list of cards is made with candidates for trashing. Only add to the list if :

-we will be able to buy something

-and the card we will be able to buy is better than what we were able to buy without using Salvager

-and the card we will be able to buy is better than the card we are about to trash


-we want to trash the card and it will not have an influence on our buying power

  • then, we run through the list and find the candidate that will allow player to buy the best card. If there’s a tie or we want to buy nothing we take the card we most want to trash
  1. DG
    January 18, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    I still think there’s a problem with trashing silver. The script for this game was simple, buying gold/stables/salvager(1)/caravan/silver.

    Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3)’s cards in Hand: [Estate, Copper, Estate, Salvager, Silver]
    Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3) plays Salvager
    … Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3) gets +1 buys
    … Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3) trashes a Silver
    … Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3) gets +$3
    Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3) plays 1 Copper
    Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3) has $4 to spend and 2 buys
    Salvager/stables/caravan(Plr 3) buys a Caravan

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