My first simulation

Here’s a quick manual to start simulating:

  • In the top left corner of the main screen you’ll find the console. Here’s where you select the strategies you will be simulating
  • Select a strategy for the first player (eg Envoy which will buy just 1 Envoy and treasure the rest of the game)  (screen lay-out may be slightly different):
  • Select a strategy for the second player (eg Laboratory which will buy just Laboratories when it can and otherwise treasure ):
  • Click the Quick Simulation Button to let the Simulator play 1000 games with these two players:
  • Admire the graphs and be amazed at the result: the single Envoy wins two thirds of the games against the powerful Laboratory!!
  • There, you’re done, now play with the other options! You can examine what happens if you let the Laboratory player always starts with $5/$2, or add a third player if you’re more into multi-player games, or let the Envoy player always go first…
  • If you want to see a game played out just click the “Sample Game” and you’ll see a log of 1 of the games in isotropic style
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Edit/Create buttons to create your own strategies or exchange strategies with friends via the Copy/Paste-button
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