When played

  • player will discard all Coppers and worse for +$1 (also excess terminal actions)
  • if player has a Tactician in hand after drawing 2 AND has more than 0 actions left he will set aside the Tactician and one other card and then discard the whole hand for +$1’s, then put Tactician and the other card back in the hand
  • if opponents have 2 cards in hand worse than Copper they will discard them UNLESS they have a Vault or Trading Post in their hand
  1. DG
    April 18, 2012 at 12:41 am

    The vault can discard usable action cards when there are no actions remaining but a king’s court x king’s court has been played and the king’s court can play more actions. A slightly unusual problem but maybe the fix is easier than it looks?

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