Fool’s Gold

When Province is gained by opponent:

  • If player has 2 or more Fool’s Gold in hand, he will not trash them
  • If there are no more Golds in the supply, Fool’s Gold will not be trashed
  • If player has Gold in his deck already, he will trash the Fool’s Gold
  1. A_S00
    February 7, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    Feature request: Could the play rules be updated such that Fool’s Gold is only trashed if there is an active buy rule for Gold whose conditions are met? I’m trying to use the simulator to determine how badly the FG split has to go for you before you should start trashing your FGs. Since buying Gold after the FG runs out is a good move either way, I’m currently unable to use a buy rule to tell the bot the conditions under which it should trash FG.

    If it were implemented using my suggestion, the current rules would still be easy to simulate (simply add a buy rule for Gold which is active only during the action phase and has a Gold in deck > 0 rule on it), but buy rules could also be used to customize FG trashing behavior.



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