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Some more stuff

Here’s another small release to quickly fix a few bugs and add some cool things:

  • the copy/paste bug that occured after deleting a bot is gone
  • the temporary files of the game logs will be deleted when you close the simulator (you might want to check your default temporary directory because it’s probably filled up with a bunch of game logs)
  • added some heuristics for Shanty Town (pretty much what’s mentioned here)
  • improved Courtyard a little by letting it put useless terminal actions back on the deck
  • modified Bishop and Chapel slightly to enable “the Golden Deck” (see this discussion), I added a decent bot: NGN – The Golden Deck
  • and finally I added a cute bot that gains 1000 VP in 13 turns (it’s HUMONGOUS)

Go to the Download page to check it out…

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