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It’s here!!!

After countless hours of brain storming, coding and testing, the first user friendly Dominion Simulator is available for all of you to enjoy.

You could be simulating your first 1000 games of Dominion in under a minute!!! Just go to the Download-page and then check out “My first simulation” or figure it out yourself, because it’s easy as beans!

I’m a contributor at the great dominionstrategy blog and have supplied some of the annotated games and combos mentioned in the blog so you can simulate them yourselves.

When you’re done with all the built-in strategies, create your own and share them on the dominion forum (use the VXML button)

If you really want to get better at this game, this should be a great tool to help you on your way to the top of the isotropic leaderboard (or just crush your friends in your home games).


Have fun with this!

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